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Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Our women’s health physiotherapist is now working alongside Complete Care Health to promote pelvic health for the lifespan of her patients as well as providing education. Treatment areas include:

  • Pelvic or sexual pain, either chronic or recent onset. For pain after birth, episiotomy and perineal tears and pain with intercourse. Long term pain in the pelvic, bowel or abdominal area (vulvodynia, vagismus, pelvic pain syndromes, bladder pain)
  • Continence issues- bowel and bladder health. Issues with leakage, difficulty emptying or urgency when going to the toilet with your bladder and bowel. Constipation or pain with defacation (bowel emptying).
  • Pregnancy / post pregnancy musculo-skeletal conditions- back/ thoracic pain from the growing tummy and expanding breasts. Inflammation of the tendons in the wrist (De Quervains) or Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (pins and needles, pain and altered sensation in the hand from compression of the median nerve in a boney tunnel in the wrist), pelvic girdle pain (pubic bone, groin, leg, hip or back pain) due to softening of ligaments from pregnancy hormones
  • Post birth pain such as haemorrhoids, vulval pain and swelling- post delivery
  • Pre / post-operative mastectomy (operation for breast removal usually due to cancer). It is recommended to have a pre-operative assessment to go through exercises and get a baseline range of movement. A post operative assessment to prevent any scar or skin tightness, aid wound healing or treat ‘cording’ (tethering of nerves in the scar tissue) or restricted joint range of movement and encourage lymph drainage.
  • Prostactectomy- pre operative pelvic floor assessment to show how to properly engage your pelvic floor muscles and to ensure good bladder and bowel habits and prevent bladder leakage and aid recovery. General exercise and lifestyle advice to aide your fitness and recovery. Post operative reassessment to ensure correct muscle engagement, prevent constipation, assist in managing stress and anxiety and looking after overall health.
  • Pre and post operative Gynecological surgery physiotherapy assessment- This is to ensure correct pelvic floor muscle engagement, good bladder and bowel habits, prevent bladder leakage and aid recovery. Also to ensure that you are aware of the post-operative do’s and dont’s.
  • Lactation support (mastitis/ nipple trauma)- Ultrasound treatment for mastitis or blocked milk ducts to help milk flow and clear infection. (Please note if you have a temperature and feel acutely unwell you need to see your GP for antibiotics. If you seek treatment prior to this when your breast is lumpy and sore, the ultrasound treatment may clear the blockage avoiding the need antibiotics).


Fran works at our Ellenbrook Clinic every Friday – 9am – 2pm and 3pm – 5pm

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