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Patient Focused, Evidence-Based Treatment Philosophy

Evidence based treatment is the thorough, clear, and sensible use of current best evidence, in making decisions about the care of individual patients. We keep abreast of all the latest scientific news and developments, especially regarding clinical trials, journal articles in areas of our expertise.

However, we do not apply the scientific knowledge blindly regardless of how well the experiments are carried out and how many peer-reviews a journal article has.

Sometimes the person who knows your body the best isn’t in a lab coat with a test tube in his hand…it is you.

We understand that despite all evidence sometimes a treatment method may not suit your or your goals. That’s why we are on listening to the patient and developing a program in accordance with their needs.

By inviting our patients to express their values and preferences for the medical care they receive we aim to encourage them to become more attuned to the signals their body sends them and become active participants in their health.

Committed to Professional Development

We are committed to our professional development and have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. All our team of professional staff are certified by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency. In addition, many of our practitioners have qualifications for dry needling, Clinical Pilates, and yoga therapy.

We are dedicated to treating the patient, in a way that enables them to function at optimal health and feel great while doing so. Our professional staff is highly competent and knowledgeable about the latest non-surgical physiotherapy methods and treatments.

They are committed to applying this knowledge to help relieve our patients from pain, allowing them to heal and rehabilitate whilst developing a stronger resistance in the face of future injuries and mishaps.

Top-Notch Treatment

Under our care, you will be placed in a supportive and comfortable environment. Our team is passionate about their work and helping you receive care in comfortable and supportive environment designed to address your issues in a manner that is as pain-free as possible.

We are committed to the long term health of our patients and will often check up on them to ensure that they are healthy and progressing towards their desired lifestyle.

We are diligent about keeping accurate records of your treatment notes and providing progress reports as necessary. We believe in updating and tailoring your treatment program as your lifestyle and health needs change.

All in all, we are proactive about keeping an open dialogue with you in order to get you functioning at your peak health level.


The Ultimate GP Choice

We care about you as much as your trusted doctor does. We take great effort in keeping your GP or specialist updated and involve in your recovery so that you can make the most of your recovery process. In addition, we are allied with Medicare and can help you make the most of your Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program.

Non-Surgical Alternative

We believe in a hands-on approach which focuses on each patient. Our practitioners diagnose conditions with respect to each patient’s individual medical history, needs, lifestyles, limitations and goals.

We place confidence in providing treatment that will keep patients out of the operating room and back to health. However, when we feel it is necessary to receive care outside our clinics, we are happy to recommend the appropriate medical professionals to help our patients receive the care they require.

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